We respect the rights of union members, says MBSB

We respect the rights of union members, says MBSB

KUALA LUMPUR, June 22 — MBSB Bank Bhd today said that it respected the right of members of the National Union of Bank Employees (Nube) to assemble peacefully and participate in union activities.

“We respect the rights of union members to participate in the union’s activities and the rights to peaceful assembly.

“We are currently in ongoing discussions with the Industrial Relations Department of the Ministry of Human Resources with regards to some of the claims by the union members and will continue to seek guidance from them in our objective to resolve this matter amicably,” the Islamic bank said in a statement.

MBSB said it held firmly to its promise of upskilling and reskilling its workers to nurture them in talent development and career progression.

It also said that it had ensured that the protests would not cause a disruption to its services.

Earlier today, members of Nube raised their pickets against MBSB at the Persiaran Greenhill branch in Ipoh over claims of worker discrimination and abuse in the workplace.

Some of the allegations included denying a one-time financial assistance of RM1,000 to B40 and M40 union workers and prohibiting workers from joining Nube.

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